Pujya Sri Swamiji's speech on
Krishna Janmashtami - 19 September 2000

Today is Krishna Janmashtami. A sacred and powerful day. It is the birthday of Lord Krishna.

Krishna Avathara (incarnation) is called Purna Avathara. It means a story of the God from birth till end. Only very few Avatharas are Purna Avatharas.

Krishna is Sahasraksha. His eyes are the stars in our galaxy. His Peethambar is that envelops all that exists. These are his glory and decorations. He is Noopura. It means anklets. Their sound is the Atharvana Veda and Samaveda. His Tilaka is Rigveda and His Kaustubha Mani is Yajurveda. His Peetha Varna Shawl is Upanishads. The Kamadhenu gives boons to devotees. There are two Yajurvedas. The two sides of Krishna's Tilaka are Krishna and Shukla Yajurveda. His Wheel is Kaala or Bhairava. His stomach is the Brahmanda in which the 14 planetary system exists. Look at Krishna. Bhagavatha says Krishna has minus zero quality, which means Nirvikaara. He is Pumsa Mohana Roopaya. It means he is very handsome and the only beautiful one in this world. He is the only male in this universe and all else is feminine quality. Only Shiva is Yogi because he is Ardhanarishwara. Even Yogis are Gosayees. Any one who has confusion. Doubt or question is a female. We all are attracted to him. All others.. even Devathas and Gods are of feminine quality and are attracted to the all beautiful Krishna. We are celebrating this Krishna Janmashtami here in London Datta Yoga Center today. I am happy. In Trinidad more than three thousand people were coming. It was quite tiring and Swamiji wanted to rest. So, Swamiji has come here to be with this small group.

I remember one story from the Bhagavatham. It is about Bheeshma. It was the last days of mighty Bheeshma. He was Ichchaa Marani, meaning one who could die when he wanted. He called Dharmaja and was asked how he would expect Dharmaja to rule the world. Then Bheeshma gave advise to the Pandavas. Then suddenly Draupadi laughed there. The Pandavas were shocked at her behavior. It was the most poignant of moments and Draupadi laughs recklessly there. Then Dharmaraya and Arjuna demanded an explanation from her. She said "He is my God and I always respect him". But she continued her laughing. Then Bheeshma himself asked her to explain the reason of her laughing. Then she said "On the day of my de-robing when the might Dushshaasana was trying to unclothe me and I was crying for protection to Krishna, you were there sitting and looking at me. You did not even attempt to stop him, let alone suggest him. You did not even close your eyes. Your expression on your face did not even carry the hint of remorse, shock or unhappiness. It appeared as if you were enjoying the show. But today you are giving the moral lessons to my husbands. You are my father. Please excuse me.

Bheeshma said, " Yes my daughter. You are giving an indirect lesson to me. I was a servant of the Kauravas. I had eaten the salt of Duryodhana. It was the decision of my king. How can I challenge my king ? I had promised my father that I would swear by his progeny. Now on the deathbed today, I have drank the Ganga, which Arjuna so kindly sprouted from earth by puncturing it. I have become a Sattvic person and it had a purifying effect on me. "

Krishna was the silent witness to this episode. Each chapter of Bhagavatha and Maha Bharata are like moral lessons. Don’t treat them as mythological stories. If you treat them so, many silly doubts and questions crop up. Study its inner meaning. Study Bhagavad Gita. Memorise and understand those verses. It has all the answers for the modern day perturbed mind.

Today we offer butter to Krishna. It represents Sadhana of a spiritual seeker. Krishna is looked upon as the boy thief who stole butter from the houses. Butter represents our karma and ego. He also steals our silly doubts. He is Chitta Chora. We beg Lord Krishna to bless us. For the next ten days there are many programs in England. Participate and understand what you can make out of my baby English. Language does not matter. It is a very poor form of communication.

Come and receive the Butter now…….