Pujya Sri Swamiji in Pithapuram - 25 January 2008

Sripadavallabha Anagha Datta Kshetram, consecrated at the birth place of Sri Padavallabha Swamy holds a special place in Sri Swamiji's heart.Oon the occasion of 6th Brahmotsavam, Sri Swamiji visited the town and inspected the ongoing Pushkarini (Ceremonial Pond) construction.

During the recent Makara Sankranti festival, Sri Swamiji had a vision of Nandeeshwara (bull) menacingly moving in the northern direction. The implying message was understood by Sri Swamiji to conduct a special Shanti Yagna. (Devotees may recall that His Holiness warned that the next year may wreak havoc to the world and one should be very cautious and devoted to do holy deeds to propitiate the Almighty).

Accordingly, Nakshatra Shanti, Vrushabha Shanti, Rudra Yaga, Vrushotsarjana, Go Mithuna Dana were organised in Pithapuram Kshetram. Team of scholars led by Cherukupalli Viswanatha Sarma and Tadepalli Raghavendra Sarma organised the 3 day program from 24th - 27th January. Completion of this Shanti Yagna would culminate in the Darshan of Pashupatinath in Nepal, Sri Swamiji added. Sri SV Ramana Murthy - Temple Patron and other members ably conducted the program.

Important features of this trip:
1. Ayurvedic and Allopathic Medical camp, in which 1500 patients have benefited.
2. Announcement of building of Entrance Arches for Temple at important locations of the town.
3. Announcement of Weekly Charitable Clinic in Ashrama premises - SGS Charitable Clinic.
4. Announcement of Education Services to backward children - SGS Bala Vidya Kendram.

Anagha Dattatreya Swamy

SV Ramana Murthy - Patron of Sripadavallabha Anagha Datta Kshetram welcomes Parama Pujya Sri Swamiji

Devotees attending the program

Gou (cow) Danam

SGS Bala Vidya Kendram - intended to impart supplementary education to backward children; formally inaugurated

Nakshatra Shanti Yaga Poornahuti


Cherukupalli Viswanatha Sarma, chief Pundit of the Nakshatra Shanti, Vrushabha Shanti Yaga was blessed