Guru Purnima festival and Anniversary Celebrations

- 4th to 14th July 2006

Sri Swamiji arrived in Port of Spain on the evening of 4th July 2006 from London. The devotional welcome with chants, drumming, Bhajan Singing, lots of colorful flowers and the tall Hanuman, which is so specific to Trinidad were all there to receive Sri Swamiji at the Dattatreya Yoga Centre in Carapichaima, Central Trinidad.

Sri Swamiji established this centre in 1986 and the centre has grown from a small Datta Temple to a large facility which caters to the religious and spiritual needs of the community. The vibrant Bhajan singing Satsang group, the Nada Manjari steel pan orchestra, the 85 feet Karya Siddhi Hanuman, Shrines of Dattatreya, Raja Rajeshvari, Ganapathy, Shiva and Nava Grahas, Dining hall, Canteen, Pre School for children, library, Free dispensary for the community, Dorms for visiting devotees, Large car park, huge camel statue in front of the Hanuman statue, large prayer hall with traditional Indian designs of temple architecture, The temple towers atop the shrines reflect the different styles of temple architecture in different parts of India - all these make Trinidad Datta Ashrama one of the most unique places on earth.

On 5,6 & 7th evenings, Dr.P.V.Nath, O.B.E., gave three hours lecture a day on Bhagavad Gita's important Shlokas as narrated by Sri Swamiji in the album Gitaa Gaana. The lectures illuminated the message of Gita. The lectures were broadcast Live on local Radio. On 7th evening, Sri Swamiji honored Dr.Nath and commended his missionary zeal to spread the message of Gita. In the afternoons, Smt.Kaliji of Tri Yoga center conducted three day Yoga camp.Click here for Sri Swamiji's speech text

On 8th, Sri Swamiji played music for meditation and Healing in the Ashrama prayer hall. After the concert, Sri Swamiji performed Abhisheka to the Red stone Hanuman idol in the shrine under the 85 feet Hanuman.

On 9th Children performed Guru Paduka Puja, Sri Swamiji released Bala Datta books in the evening during Bhajans. Click here for Sri Swamiji's discourse after Paada Puja
Sri Swamiji's evening discourse - click here for the speech text

On 10th, Sri Swamiji conducted healing water dip to hundreds of devotees. Sri Swamiji visited the Todd Street Hindu Mandir in San Fernando to participate in the memorial service held in honor of the son of Ralph Maraj.

On 11th Guru Purnima was celebrated with gaity, ferver and devotion. It was for this sacred function that more than three hundred foreigners had descended to Trinidad Ashrama. Ashrama reverberated with the sacred chants of Guru Parama Mantras, Shlokas, prayers and chants. Hundreds of devotees had the sacred opportunity of touching Sri Swamiji. Click here for Guru Purnima discourse of Sri Swamiji in the morning

In the evening, wonderful Bhanjans by Sri Swamiji gripped the audience.

On 12th Sri Swamiji visited Princes town and performed Bhajans in the Datta Temple.

On 13th morning Smt. Madhavi gave a vocal carnatic concert.In the evening a farewell program was held and several cultural programs were concdied After the concert, Sri Swamiji gave a lecture on the methodology for holding Western session. In the evening farewell programs were held with Bhajans, Singing, dance and vote of thanks

On 14th July morning, Sri Swamiji left for Caracas - Venezuela

Dr.P.V.Nath from England lectures on Bhagavadgita Sholkas.

Sri Swamiji in Yoga classes conducted by Kaliji of Tri Yoga.

Players of the Datta Leela, a game modeled after Snake and ladders. The game is devised with Sri Swamiji's life story.

Sri Swamiji releases the new text book for Bala datta classes in USA. Sri Swamiji instructed Bala Datta classes to be spread to other foreign countries. Pundit Bologie took responsibility of the Trinidad Bala Datta chapter. The Lanka family is seen behind Sri Swamiji. They were instrumental in putting together this book along with Srikant from New Jersey.

Sri Swamiji performs Arati to Dattatreya idol decorated as Venkateswara Swamy

Music for Meditation and Healing in Ashrama prayer hall - 8 July 2006

Abhishekam to red stone Hanuman idol - 8 July 2006

Kavita Renduchintala in Carnatic vocal concert - Jaitra Varanasi on Violin - 9 july 2006

Sri Swamiji in Todd Street Hindu Mandir in SanFernando town. Dr.Mrs.Linda Baboolal, Chairman of Senate, Ralph Maraj, Former Foreign Minister of Trinidad, Occah Seepaul, Former speaker of Trinidad Parliament and Swami Brahmadeo Upadhyay who organized the Shiva Katha
10 July 2006

Sri Swamiji performs Arati to Datta on Guru Purnima Day - 11 July 2006

Paada Sparsha by devotees. Everyone had the sacred unique opportunity of touching Sir Swamiji's feet

Sadguru Divya Paada smeared with Sandal Paste

Former committee members and present members of Datta Yoga Center, Trinidad