Kumbhabhisheka and installation in Hyderabad Ashrama

Another important program of this year's packed Hyderabad tour took place. Pratishtha and Kumbhabhisheka of the Marakata (green emerald) Hanuman idol was consecrated on the sacred Rama Navami festival day. (6th April 2006). Sri Swamiji installed the Navagraha Yantras first and then at the appointed sacred Muhurtha of 09.14 AM, Sri Swamiji slid the Hanuman Yantra into the pedestal on which the grand and beautiful idol stands. Adjacent to the Hanuman temple is the open to sky Navagraha Vana (garden). Each idol has its related tree/ planted just in front of the pedestal.

Thereafter Sri Swamiji performed the daily Sri Chakra Puja. As the sacred Rama Navami festival was today, the traditional Seeta Rama Kalyana was performed. (symbolic marriage of Seeta and Lord Sri Rama).

Later Sri Swamiji addressed the mammoth gathering (said to be about 35,000 people) Sri Swamiji said that Hyderabad Ashrama was very lucky to get the sacred and special Marakata Hanuman, which was for the first time being installed in the history. Earlier the only Marakata idol to be installed was the Raja Rajeshvari idol in Vijayawada in 2003. Sri Swamiji further said that the very fact that Hanuman temple is being installed on his master, Sri Rama's Birthday (today is Rama Navami festival) was a special event. Sri Swamiji urged everyone to visit the Hanuman mandir in this Ashrama at least once a month and offer prayers and Purna Phala Deeksha.

Later, Sri Konjeti Rosaiah, Andhra Pradesh minister for finance and health offered respects to Sri Swamiji and honored the sculptor, Mr. Muni Raja of Bangalore, who carved the beautiful Hanuman idol from the green emerald Marakata stone.

A special Video CD which contains Sri Swamiji's Hanuman Chalisa audio with video depicting special and beautiful paintings of Hanuman's life story was released. Sri Swamiji Blessed the first copy to Sri Sarayya, MLA from Warangal town.

At 11.55, Sri Swamiji arrived at the Yaga Shala where the consecration rituals were held in the four Homa Kundas along with the Rama Taraka Homa, the special homa for the Rama Navami day.

After offering Purnahuti, Sri Swamiji carried the sacred Kalasha and climbed atop the new Hanuman temple tower. It was a feast to the eyes to watch. Sri Swamiji performed the Abhisheka to the temple Shikhara (copper flagpost). Sri Swamiji poured water, coins, flowers and flaked rice. Then Sri Swamiji spoke and asked people to take oath to protect Satya, Dharma & Vedas.

After climbing down, Sri Swamiji performed Abhisheka with water and milk to the Marakata Hanuman idol. It was indeed a sight not to be forgotten to watch the white milk dance down the green stone Hanuman body. At 1 PM, Sri Swamiji retired. Tens of thousands of people patiently walked through the snaking queue to have a glimpse of the newly installed MARAKATA HANUMAN.

Sri Swamiji offers prayers to the Hanuman Yantram before inserting under the Hanuman idol

Maha Purnahuti of the Pratishtha Yaga (consecration related fire ceremony) and
Rama Taraka Homa performed as part of the Rama Navami festival

Sri Swamiji climbs the stairs to go to the temple tower.
Sri Swamiji is carrying the Purna Kumbha for the Kumbhabhisheka.

Kumbhabhisheka of Marakata Karya Siddhi Hanuman temple in Dundigul Ashrama, Hyderabad

Flower Abhishekam to the temple tower

Sri Swamiji speaks from the temple tower and makes people take oath to protect Dharma and truth


Sri Swamiji performs the first Abhishekam to the Marakata Karya Siddhi Hanuman idol

Sri Swamiji performs Milk Abhisheka to the Marakata Karya Siddhi Hanuman idol

Maha Mangala Arati to Marakata Karya Siddhi Hanuman after the Abhisheka

Pujya Sri Swamiji singing Bhajans on Lord Sri Rama in the evening

Devotees participated in thousands for the evening Bhajans by Sri Swamiji.

Flower Archana was performed to Pujya Sadgurudeva by Sri Murali Krishna & family


Earlier in the day

Sri Chakra Puja and Rama Puja by Sri Swamiji in the morning

The Stage set for Sri Chakra Puja on the left and the customary Seeta Rama Kalyana on the right. The symbolic Marriage of
Lord Shri Rama and Seetha are performed on this sacred Rama Navami Festival

Priests conduct Seeta Rama Kalyana

Shri Rosaiah, Hon'ble Minister of Finance and Health, Government of Andhra Pradesh, releases
Video CD "Hanuman Chalisa" which contains the Hanuman Chalisa Audio and Paintings of Hanuman story
by late Gangadhar, versatile artist who specialized in painting Sri Swamiji's portraits and devotional topics