Karya Siddhi Mantapa - Bangalore Ashrama
5th to 12th November 2006
Karya Siddhi Mantapa
Devotees in Bangalore rejoiced that Sri Swamiji inaugurated the Karya Siddhi Mantapa - elegant prayer hall to seat 1000 persons. The construction took 15 months. The new facility has a large prayer hall with a giant Vishwa Rupa stone statue carved in Orissa style, Dining hall for 100 persons, Kriya Yoga meditation hall for 300 persons and accommodation for about 200 persons.
Sri Swamiji arrived in Bangalore on 3rd evening from Jayalakshmipuram. After the Vastu Homa purnahuti, Sri Swamiji opened the large wooden doors of the prayer hall and entered. The awe inspiring simplicity in decor was much appreciated. For the next seven days (till 12th November) many programs are happening. We present a glimpse of the happenings through photo tour. please take.
Sri Guru Datta