Sri Swamiji's visit to Machilipatnam was much expected. Both ways. Sri Swamiji too likes this small but highly intellectual and Dharmic town and the towns people Love Sri Swamiji. This wonderful relation stretched back to the early seventies when Sri Swamiji visited first. Also many volunteers in Mysore Ashrama are from this small town.

Sri Swamiji's one day visit this year was highly significant. Arriving from Manginapudi Ashrama at 9 AM on 23rd January 2005, Sri Swamiji first visited the newly renovated Ramalayam and placed the Yantrams. One significant aspect of this temple is - when it was gifted to Ashrama there was a Ramalayam with Rama, Seeta, Lakshmana and Hanuman statues. Recently devotees wished to renovate the temple and install a new Karya Siddhi Hanuman statue under the main pedestal. So, there are two stone Hanuman statues now.

The entire Ashrama area was teeming with people and after Sri Chakra Puja and Maha Purnahuti in the Yaga Shala, Sri Swamiji carried the main Kalasha on the head to the temple. Here too there was a marked change. Generally, during Kumbhabhisheka programs, Sri Swamiji first goes to the temple tower, performs the Abhisheka, then comes down and performs Abhisheka to the deities. But today, Sri Swamiji first performed Abhishekam to the deities and them climbed to the temple tower and performed the rituals. The temple tower has been sculpturally decorated with two camels, the vehicle of Hanuman. After the Abhishekam, Sri Swamiji rested on one of the camels and addressed the people.

In the evening, Sri Swamiji met with the Rajamundry devotees who had brought along the plan for the new spiritual centre on the banks of the sacred Godavari river. Sri Swamiji named the Ashrama as SRI DATTA MUKTI KSHETRA.

Later, Satsang was held in the sprawling grounds of Hindu collage which has been the venue for Bhajans and Concert of Sri Swamiji in earlier years.

Satsang started with observance of silence in honor of those who lost lives in the Tsunami tragedy. The Hindu collage members offered garland and Ganapati Statue to Sri Swamiji. Kandarpa Shivarama Krishna, Trustee, spoke about the sacred relationship of Sri Swamiji and Machilipatnam.

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Side view of the Karya Siddhi Hanuman statue

Sri Swamiji performs Abhishekam to Sri Rama statue.
The Hanuman statue in front is the new Karya Siddhi Hanuman

Sri Swamiji pours Aralu on Karya Siddhi Hanuman statue

Sri Swamiji shows the Arati to the devotees.
Jai Veera Hanuman

Sri Swamiji atop the temple - performing Kumbhabhisheka

Resting his left hand on the camel mound, Sri Swamiji gives Blessings lecture

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