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Sri Swamiji arrives in Madras. Newly constructed Pendal in front of the Ashrama prayer hall.


Sri Swamiji wears a giant Kanakambara flower garland.
Sri Ranga Babu, Executive Trustee of Madras Ashrama is also seen

Sri Swamiji Blesses Vijayasarathy, donors for the Raja Rajeshwari Temple

The new hospital building beside Ashrama. This hospital will serve the poor and needy with free medical aid and medicines. Sri Swamiji inaugurated it on 22 June 2004

Sri Swamiji with the team of doctors who will serve the hospital free

A priest offers Abhishekam to the deities in the run up to the Kumbhabhishekam. It is part of the Adhivasa program designed to cleanse the idols

Yantram placed by Sri Swamiji under the Devi idol at 9. 34 AM in the Simha Lagnam

Sri Swamiji offers Maha Purnahuti to the Pratishtha Homas on 25th June, the Kumbhabhishekam day

The decorated temple towers with decorations and temporary steps for Sri Swamiji to climb and perform Kumbhabhishekam

Sri Swamiji beams after climbing the temple tower carrying the water pot on head. Whew!!!

Sri Swamiji performs the Raja Rajeshwari Devi Temple Kumbhabhishekam in the auspicious
Kanya Lagnam at 12.45 PM on 25th June 2004

Sacred water pours forth from the brass Kalasha

Sri Swamiji offers prayers to the Kalasham

Coming down after Kumbhabhishekam, Sri Swamiji first went to the Karya Siddhi Hanuman temple and held the feet of the Hanuman statue. This is the only Karya Siddhi Hanuman statue consecrated by Sri Swamiji which has folded hands. All others have the Abhaya hand (protection symbol)

Abhishekam to the Raja Rajeshwari idol

Sri Swamiji holds the parrot in the right hand of the idol

Abhishekam to the Adi Guru Dattatreya idol and the Anagha Devi idol

Sadgurudeva offers Arati to the Datta and Anagha Devi idol

After the Abhishekam to the Navagraha deities, Sri Swamiji prepares to break a coconut.

Sri Swamiji holds the Dharma Divine dairy after release on 25th June evening