"At the end of life we shall not be asked
how much pleasure we had in it, but how much service we gave to it;
not how full it was of success, but how full it was of sacrifice;
not how happy we were, but how helpful we were;
not how much ambition was gratified, but how Love was served"

Ammavodi (Home for Destitute Women) Project in Hyderabad, India


In this light, Sri Swamiji makes it a part of the mission of the Datta Peetham to provide service to the poor and the needy. Sri Swamiji has emphazised many times that spiritual life is not only meditation, it also includes service to those in need. This frame of mind, to work without personal gain and to surrender the fruits of one's actions to God, is called Karma Yoga. It is through the practice of Karma Yoga that the sense of "I" i.e. "I am the doer, "I am the enjoyer", "I am the sufferer"etc. is removed and is replaced by the realization that all creation, including one's self, is the manifestation of the one Supreme "I". Through the social services of the Peetham, Sri Swamiji has provided not only physical help to those in need, but also spiritual upliftment.

Datta Peetham and it's many branches have supported under Sri Swamiji's guidance numerous social projects since it was founded. These include: food, education, shelter, job training and free medical help to the poor. Currently the most notable on going project at the Mysore headquarters of the Peetham is the schooling of over 1800 pre-school and high school students.

In order to improve the general standard of education and to set an example of a model school, Datta Peetham took over the management of two dilapidated schools with 1800 children.
After the Peetham took over these schools in 1989 a vigorous program was launched to build a new school building. Administrative and financial support is also provided for. Today one large new building stands next to the old school where approximately 1200 students are taught. The remaining children get their teaching somewhere else in the neighbourhood. The Peetham provides all necessary financial assistance for both schools. It shoulders the cost of all supplies and building maintenance to ensure that the children will receive a proper education and a good chance to succeed in modern India.

The Peetham also provides for medical need of both local people and remote villagers. There is a hospital at the Peetham, where patients are looked after. In addition there is also a mobile hospital, which visits regularly villages where no medical facility of any kind is available. Medical help includes: Ayurvedic treatments (ancient Indian system of medicine), Dentistry, Cataract operation programs, free dispensary, Diabetes detection programs and monthly health checkup camps.

There is also an Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing Unit which is engaged in preparing medicines in a traditional way. These medicines prepared here are put to use in the Ashram dispensary.

Datta Peetham has taken the service motto in the following areas


Organisations under Datta Peetham

VEDA PATHASHALA – A traditional school to teach Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda, Sanskrit studies and priest training

More than 150 students study in the learning of the ancient knowledge listed above. The school is run in the Mysore Ashrama premises. The school is run under Guru Kula system.
Annual camps are held for women to learn the basic Puja system. Yajur Veda school is also run in Peethapuram town in Andhra Pradesh state.

Datta Peetham is running a school for communication impaired in Bangalore. Run with professional staff, the school attends to the special learning needs of a communication impaired child.