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Tsunami calamity

Pujya Sri Swamiji is deeply distressed and pained over the loss of lives in the Tsunami calamity. Sri Swamiji has directed all Gnana Bodha Sabhas to render all possible help in the devasted areas. Ashrama has donated large amount of rice and grains to the feeding programs in the affected areas. Ashrama has donated more than One Lakh Rupees to the relief fund. We seek liberal help from devotees world wide to support this immediate task. Donations may be sent to the nearest Datta Yoga Center or to Mysore Ashrama directly by bank draft favoring “Avadhoota Datta Peetham Trust” (calamity assistance fund) and posted to:

Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Ashrama
Datta Nagar
Mysore 570025

Sri Swamiji wants us all to offer prayers to heal the broken hearts of those who have lost near and dear and to pray for better after life for those whom mother earth took away.

Jaya Guru Datta

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar visits Datta Peetham

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, renowned Guru ji of the Art of Living tradition visited Mysore Ashrama on 16th December 2004 at 12 noon. Sri Swamiji and Sri Sri Ravishankar discussed privately for over one hour. Later he visited the Datta temple, Nada Mantapa and expressed his happiness. He received Datta Prasadam and left at 2.30 PM

Sadguru Sri Swamiji and Sri Sri Ravishankar in Nada Mantapam in front of the giant poster of Bhagavad Gita Upadesham

Karthika Maasa Puja performed in Mysore on 15th November 2004

Sri Swamiji performed Abhishekam to Lord Shiva on the auspicous Monday in the Karthika Month (Kaarthika Somavara). Rudra Homa and Girija Kalyana were performed in the morning. In the evening Sri Swamiji performed the Abhishekam to the Sachchidanandeswara Shiva Lingam and Blessed the audience with the following message.

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Sri Swamiji comments on Sri Shankaracharya's arrest

Sri Swamiji has announced the following message:


Jaya Guru Datta
Secretary to Sri Swamiji
14 November 2004

Sri Swamiji visits Balaji Temple on Tirumala Hills (aka Tirupati)

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Sri Swamiji addresses workers in Ashrama

On 1st November, Sri Swamiji addressed various workers in Ashrama and exhorted them to keep the Ashrama clean and tidy. Sri Swamiji also spoke on healthy living and gave away five kilos of White Ragi grain to all the workers and advised them to maintain healthy eating habits.

Sri Swamiji addresses the Ashrama work force

Anthyakshari Program on Dasa Sahitya in Nada Mantapa

On 1st November 2004, a special cultural program was held in Nada Mantapa. Antyakshari program, a concept where several singers participate. A first singer sings a song of his choice and the next singer has to sing a song from the last alphabet of the earlier singer's song. The cycle thus continues. This program was on Dasa Sahitya, the famous Dasa Sampradaya , a special Bhakti movement in Karnataka state in 17th century where several persons donned the name DASA as their last name and composed thousands of devotional compositions on various Gods and Goddesses. Sri Swamiji likes their compositions very much. Sri Swamiji sat through the 4 hour program and thoroughly enjoyed it. Nada Mantapa was full and was over flowing with people eager to attend the programs.

The grand stage. There are four platforms on which famous singers of Karnataka state are seated. Sri Swamiji and Bala Swami are seated to the left.

Varalakshmi -Prayer memorial Sevice in Ashrama

Swami Manasa reads Ashtottara of Jayalakshmi Mata on 3rd November 2004. Sri Swamiji spoke about the loving relation he had with her when they spent the childhood together in Mekedatu, Mysore, Bommeparthy (Jayalakshmipuram) and the difficulties Swamiji encountered to raise Money to marry her to Subbanna. The photo of Varalakshmi is placed under the idol of Jayalakshmi Mata

Bala Swami speaks on Guru Geetha

From Guru Purnima onwards Bala Swamiji has been giving one hour discourse daily in Kannada and Telugu on the Guru Geetha. His flowing style of rendering full of modern day examples and follies reminds one of Sri Swamiji's discourses. Here is a photo of Sri Datta Vijayananda Teertha speaking on 10th July 2004. Sri Swamiji came and listened to the speech from the Vishnu Darshana area.

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Rig Veda school in Ashrama

On 7th June 2004, at 06.32 PM in the auspicious Go Dhuli Muhurtham, Rig Veda school was started in the Ashrama. Rig Veda scholar from Kasargod town, Veda Brahma Shri. Venkateshwara Prasad is the new Rig Veda teacher. 5 students were inducted to the study. Sri Swamiji, Bala Swamiji, Kuppa Krishnamurthy, Ashrama Vidyadhikari, the other Veda teachers, important Ashrama functionaries, other Veda students attended the inauguration. Sri Swamiji announced that he was very happy that the all important Rig Veda will now be taught to deserving students in Ashrama. He remembered the Upadrashta family who helped to set up this new school. He also remembered Sri Sheshagiri Shastry (husband of Jayalakshmi Mata's sister - Sharada), who performed Yajnopaveetha Dharana (sacred thread ceremony)to Sri Swamiji was a Rig Veda scholar and had taught Rig Veda to Sri Swamiji for a while. The study of Rig Veda is expected to be about 8 years for basic course.

Sri Swamiji, Bala Swamiji, Sri Venkateswara Prasad, the Rig Veda Teacher (sitting to the right of Sri Swamiji and the five students who are learning the initiatory Rigveda Mantras) click on the photo for larger image (will open a new window)


June 3, 2004 - Being Full Moon night, Sri Swamiji spent couple of hours with all the Veda children. Sri Swamiji mixed Saambaar Rice and curd rice and gave them balls of rice from his Divine hands. The children were over joyed to be with Sri Swamiji.

Sri Swamiji plays Cricket in Ashrama

On 31st May 2004, a friendly cricket match was played between Ashrama 11 vs All India 11. Who else to inaugurate but dear Sri Swamiji? Not only did He declare the event open, He even batted and bowled and the crowds went wild and could not believe their eyes. It was a happy happy time.

Sri Swamiji swings the bat wildly but correctly. The ball races to the boundary line as the crowd is all cheers

Now the turn to bowl. Sri Swamiji bowls and gets hit. His children know what is coming. Isn't it?

Please click here to go to Birthday 2004 and Pre Birthday activities and programs

Superb photos of Sri Swamiji giving Hanuman lectures in a zip file (3.4 mb). Please click here to download

Hanuman lectures continues

Sri Swamiji continued the Hanuman lectures for three more days (14-16) and concluded on 16th May 2004. For the devotees of Mysore and Ashrama inmates it was 13 days of sheer Hanuman Happiness.

The last lecture in the 13 day series. The Place was decorated with Banana plants

Sri Swamiji and the Hanuman statue with Beetel leaf Mala. (click on the photo for larger image)

The deers finally came back to Sri Swamiji. They were hesitant in the beginning of their new life in the new deer enclosure

The giant jack fruits amaze Sri Swamiji

Hanuman Jayanti on 13th May 2004

Hanuman was born on this auspicious day eons ago. Sri Swamiji worshipped Bayalu Anjaneya in the precincts of the Datta Venkateswara temple. Swami Manasa led the 108 names chanting of Hanuman. In the evening, Sri Swamiji joined the devotees for dinner which was held in the Poundareeka Ranga Sthala. The entire area resembled a banana garden which is very dear to Hanuman.

Sri Swamiji performs Arati to Bayalu Anjaneya

The Hanuman Murti was decorated with butter, grapes, cherries and Vada Maala

Sitting the the last row, Sri Swamiji partakes the Prasadam (food) with devotees

Hanuman Saptaha concludes

The wonderful and inspiring discourse series by Sri Swamiji on the different Darshans of Hanuman concluded on 12th May 2004. The ten days of lectures touched on all aspects of Hanuman. Sri Swamiji dealt much of the discourse time on social problems and its solutions, man's nature and remedies for many family and internal problems.

Left: Sri Swamiji puts a Parijatha flower garland on Hanuman statue. Click on the photo for larger image
Right: Gollapudi Maruthi Rao, famous Telugu cine actor worships Sri Swamiji after the lecture.

Rigveda Homa begins in Ashrama

The sacred Rigveda Homa commenced in Ashrama on 12th May 2004. For 8 days all the Mantras Rigveda will be chanted and Havan performed. The team of Pundits is led by veteran Rigveda school Sri Lakshminarayana Bhatta. Sri Swamiji was present at the commencement ceremony and Blessed the event. Fire was produced in traditional ARANI - A wooden base with a dip in which a stick is placed and churned while Mantras are chanted. The Program concludes on 20th May.

Left: Sri Swamiji honoring Sri Lakshmi Narayana Bhatta, the lead priest in the Rigveda Havan.
Right: A priest bends and holds the horizontal wooden stick which is placed in a small brown wooden bar. Two priests on either side churn it while Sri Swamiji is watching.

Sri Swamiji visits Veda Pathashala (school)

Sri Swamiji made a surprise visit to the Veda school late evening on 9th May. In spite of a steady rain, Sri Swamiji detoured after the Hanuman discourse in Nada Mantapa. The children were delighted to see Swamiji in their place of learning. Sri Swamiji had a lengthy meeting with the Datta Peetha Vidyadhikari (education director) Sri Kuppa Krishna Murthy in his residence.

Sri Swamiji with Veda learning children, Education director Kuppa Krishnamurthy, Veda teachers Hari Veerabhadra Ghanapathi and Shekar and warden Sri Sadashiva Rao

Vishnu Sahasrananama Parayana Mandali Meet

The Mysore chapter of Vishnu Sahasranama Parayana Mandali held a two day meet with several Mandalis of South India participating in the event. The valedictory ceremony was held in the prayer hall on 9th May at 11 AM. Karnataka Governor, His Excellency Sri T.N. Chaturvedi and Mysore Mayor Mrs. Moda Mani participated. Sri Swamiji urged the members to fully learn the meaning of the Sahasranama of Lord Vishnu.

The first car in Sri Swamiji's life

The first ever car which Sri Swamiji owned and traveled was this Ambassador model car produced by a Indian factory. Sri Swamiji purchased this car in 1975 in Madras and traveled to Mysore from there. Thence it was sold to Late Sri Manji Patel, a devotee in Vijayawada. Now his children got it fixed and gifted it back to Sri Swamiji on 7th May 2004 at the Datta Venkateswara temple after the friday Abhishekam.

Hanuman story discourse

From the 3rd May Sri Swamiji has been giving discourses in Kannada language on the stories and forms of Hanuman. Sri Swamiji has been in his charming best and has been giving sparkling lectures full of happiness, points to ponder, scrutiny on life and everything else.

Sri Swamiji returns to Mysore after the 69th Foreign Tour

Sri Swamiji returned to Mysore on 1st May 2004. Sri Swamiji passed through Singapore and Bangalore en route from America. Arriving in Bangalore on 30th late night, Sri Swamiji inaugurated the new Guru Nilayam. The newly designed Guru Nilayam has a Sri Chakra Sumeru on the top like a Gopuram and a large Nata Raja idol on the side. On 1st morning Sri Swamiji inaugurated the temporary prayer hall built to hold the regular spiritual programs as the old prayer hall has been demolished to build a new prayer hall. The Shata Shloki Ramayana was played while Sri Swamiji performed Sri Chakra Puja. Afterwards in a short speech Sri Swamiji said that Ramayana when taken in a inner parlance, means that Hanuman, the great energy of breathing crossed the sea (stomach) to gain Yoga Mata (Seeta Devi). Swamiji said that when we cross the stomach (the desire of excessive eating), we gain Yoga (health). Sri Swamiji arrived in Mysore Ashrama at 6 PM. Hundreds of eager devotees were awaiting the return of Sadguru Deva from the 45 day tour. Sri Kuppa Krishna Murthy, Ashrama Vidyadhikari welcomed Sri Swamiji with a speech. Sri GSN Murthy, Ashrama Manager offered garland. Sri Swamiji sat in the chair smiling - collectively reflecting the emotion in the hall.

Narasimha Jayanti festival in Ashrama

Sri Swamiji performed Puja to the Lakshmi Narasimha in the small shrine adjacent to the universal prayer hall at noon on 3rd May 2004.

Sri Swamiji offers Arati to Lakshmi Narasimha

Deer Park Shifted in Mysore Ashrama

On 3rd morning Sri Swamiji visited the new enclosure for the deer and swans which are more spacious and shady. The existing deer park will be used for extending the Bonsai garden

Sri Swamiji with Bone and Nerve after the morning walk

Advance Yugadi Blessings to Mysore devotees

Sri Swamiji Blessed and brought happiness to the Ashrama staff and Mysore devotees by giving them the sweet-sour-bitter Yugadi pacchadi on 14th March 2004, a full week before the actual Tarana Yugadi to be celebrate din Hyderabad. Sri Swamiji also sang the new Yugadi song in Kannada welcoming the new year , named as TAARANA SAMVATSARA. Sri Swamiji led a procession of Lord Datta to the Datta Venkata Temple and brought the idols back to Datta temple. Sri Swamiji also sat with everyone in the dining hall and partook food with all.

Sri Swamiji leads the procession.

Sri Swamiji gives the Yugadi pacchadi concoction of sweet (Jaggery), Sour (tamarind) and bitter (neem flowers)

Sri Swamiji sits in the far end of Annapurana Mandir, dining hall and takes the food with everyone

Rathotsava (chariot festival) in Bangalore

Sri Swamiji had participated in a Ganapati Temple inauguration in Girinagar area of Bangalore city in 1984. The temple was constructed by Sri B. Krishna Bhat, a philanthropist and the person who caused the donation of Ashrama land in Bangalore. On 5th March 2004 Sri Swamiji visited Bangalore for a day to participate in the Punah Pratishtha (re consecration) of the Ganapati temple and to participate in the Rathotsava program. Sri Raghavesvara Bharati Swamiji of Ramachandrapura Matha (in central Karnataka state) presided over the program. Just before leaving for Mysore, Sri Swamiji met the Swamiji of Redactor Adhyatma Prakashanalaya, one of the most reputed publishers of spiritual publications.

Rathotsava in Bangalore Ganapati Temple. To the left is the colorfully decorated Chariot of Maha Ganapati To the right is the Ganapati Temple and the 2 Swamijis - Sri Raghaveshvara Bharati Swamiji and Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji. In the front is Sri B. Krishna Bhat

Swamiji views celestial bodies

On 3rd March Sri Swamiji viewed Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus and other celestial bodies Sri Swamiji saw several multiple stars like Sirius, Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka all of which are more than 800 light years away. Was Sri Swamiji looking at next place of incarnation???

Sri Swamiji enjoys Telescope viewing and the celestial bodies Darshana

Bhumi Puja for New Cottage Building

On 29th February 2004, Sri Swamiji performed Bhumi Puja for the new Cottages building in a site near Mysore Ashrama. The cottages will be donated by donors to the Ashrama for their personal use as well as those who visit Ashrama. For more information about cottage donation, contact Ashrama Manager,, Mr. Murthy ( or Mr .Prakasa Rao of USA Datta Yoga Center ( This is a wonderful opportunity for devotees to have a specific place of stay whenever they visit Mysore Ashrama. Click here to view the artist rendition of the completed building

Sri Swamiji stands in the earth pit dug for the puja purpose. The circular shaped building will house about 60 cottages

Mysore Division Brahmin meet in Ashrama - February 22, 2004

Datta Peetham hosted the Mysore Division Brahmin meet conducted by Akhila Karnataka Brahman Maha Sabha. It was held in Nada Mantapa in the divine presence of Pujya Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji, Pujya Sri Viswesha Teertha Sripadangalavarau of Udupi Pejawara Math, Pujya Sri Rangapriya Mahadeshika Swamiji of Ashtangayoga Vignana Mandira and Pujya Sri Sachchidananda Saraswati Swamiji of Hariharapura Math. More than ten thousand people attended. Their Holiness' gave a call to the community not to lose their spiritual tradition in these changing modern times.

Inauguration of the meet by lighting of the lamp by the four Swamijis

Nada Mantapa was packed with more than ten thousand people