Pujya Narahari Teertha Swami (1904-1991)
(Sri Swamiji's father)

a photo memory

A scholar brimming with confidence & smile - Before assuming the Sannyasa, the original name
of Swami Narahari Teertha was Pundit. Narasimha Shastry


Sri. Narasimha Shastry receives Sannyasa Deeksha in Kaveri River at Gosai Ghat near Sri Rangapatna town near Mysore

Pujya Sri Swamiji with his father, Swami Narahari Teertha

An aging Narahari Teertha speaks to Sri Swamiji while the family looks on. His first son, Nanjundappa sitting in between Sri Swamiji and Narahari Teertha listens intently. Swami Narahari Teertha's second daughter and Sri Swamiji's little sister, Saraswati is sitting behind Sri Swamiji (She is the mother of Bala Swamiji). Kartha, a grandson, then a young boy, stands stylishly behind Narahari Teertha.

One of the last photos of Swami Narahari Teertha, taken a week before his demise in August 1991

Front page of the invitation book for the 37th Birthday celebrations of Sri Swamiji and the Kumbhabhisheka of Dattatreya temple installation in Mysore Ashrama (from 4th to 11th June 1978)

Page 18 of the invitation book mentions the program on the 11th June 1978 and mentions about Sri Swamiji's 37th Birthday festival

Continuing the program details for 11th June, Page 19 of the invitation book announces "DISCOURSE BY SRI SRI SWAMIJI AND HIS NEW DISCIPLE SRIMAT PARAMA HAMSA SWAMI SRI SRI NARAHARI TEERTHA" (rounded in red circle)